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Epictor Services
At the beginning of every visualization there is a vision; at the end there is a lively, natural, and fully formed creation.
Many of our customers have turned to us for smaller and larger special requests. We have been able to offer professional support to almost all of them. In the future, we would like to support your project in depth with our services.

Post Services

Inserting people into your visualization

You have created your visualization and are done. One final step remains: Adding staffage and, along with it, breathing atmosphere and life into the visualization.

Within 24 hours we choose the appropriate people from our catalog for your visualization. We add the person (including shadows) to the picture and send you the final image.

Prices starting from 199 €
Please contact us for further details.

Complete Post-Processing Package

Your visualization is almost finished - but is it missing the final touch? The materials still look shallow, the light is faded, the life is missing?

Use our years of post-production expertise - we correct materials, light moods, place and people and breathe life and atmosphere into the images. The comprehensive package.

We reliably take on the entire post production.

Prices starting from 399 €
Please contact us for details.

Cutout Services

Cutout service for your own images

You already have the fitting people for your scene? One image, that must simply be cropped? Or a whole series of pictures?
In short: you need a service to crop and edit your images?

We have perfected the cropping and removing of backgrounds in images. Whether transparency, hair or bicycle spokes, we edit and perfect your image.
Take advantage of our process chain for your images. Send us your pictures and we will edit your images with pixel precision and speed.

Prices starting from 49 € per image, starting at 3 images
Please contact us for details.

Exclusive Images

Your customer wants exclusive images? Images, that fit your needs precisely and exclusively.

If you require exclusivity, we can draw on our reserve or produce images according to your specifications.
The pictures come with an exclusive license and we guarantee that they will not be offered for further sale.

Price: from 99 € per image.
Please contact us for details.