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On this page we have gathered a few examples in order to show you the qualities and unique characteristics of our products. To download the samples, simply click on the picture or the detail.

Cropping / Quality
All images are perfectly cut out, to the exact pixel, so that you can add them immediately to your visualization.
You do not have to elaborately retouch any hair, you don't have to grow any more grass or deal with messily cropped images. Whether it is for the foreground or the background you only have to place people in your scene, create shadows and - voilà!

Alpha channel / Transparency
Our images are offered as transparent TIFF files, including Alpha channel. The integrated transparency means there is no halo effect or dirty edges. Even if your software does not support the transparency and alpha channel, the alpha canal makes for an impeccable result. The integrated alpha canal is thoroughly customized, allowing for no rounding inaccuracies upon usage and perfect cropping and editing.

Authenticity of the Poses
We place great value on natural poses in our images. Your visualizations are convincing and natural.

epictor is current. The cut out people are dressed fashionably and reflect the current zeitgeist. Invigorating and refreshing for architecture and your visualization.

Any given person appears in a bundle a maximum of 3 times. On average, they appear only 1.2 times. This range of varying figues allow you to devote yourself to the task of vizualisation without giving undue consideration to other elements. We have a colourful mix of people from different cultures, events, life situations and poses. At this point indexing and tagging comes into play.

All images are thoroughly indexed by category (tags). You can search through your images by keyword and find them easily.
If you have a large collection of images you can use this feature and make daily work much more easy. With a few clicks you can, for example, display all images containing young people in their twenties, that are looking at the camera, and then choose the most appropiate image.
Of particular note: Because the tags are standardized, they work with all types of software solutions.

As with our people, our skies are of high resolution and suitable for immediate usage. They are also completely indexed for quick searching.

All silhouettes are, as with the people, available as a transparent TIFF including Alpha channel.
Also included are vectorized variants.
The following formats are included as vector files: PDF, SketchUp, DXF, DWG.
The advantage of such images lies in the excellent quality and transparent transitions (pertaining to, for example, hair).
However, the vector formats allow for endless zooming without pixelation.
Depending on the specific application and the software used, you can make flexible decisions - you receive all formats.

The pictures are available as transparent epictor TIF files (LZW compression), including Alpha channels. In addition to this, the XML format of Piranesi is also included.
This ensures that the images are compatible with all programs, whether that is MentalRay, Brazil, VRay, AutoCAD, Photoshop, Cinema 4D (C4D), 3D Studio Max (3DS), Maya, Lightwave, Softimage, Modo, Hudini, Form Z, Piranesi, SketchUp, Rhino, Allplan, VectorWorks, MicroStation, ArchiCAD, Revit, AfterEffects, etc...

The bundle can be downloaded immediately after your purchase has been completed. Our servers are easily accessible and equipped with over 99% availability. A bundle of about 600 MB takes an average of seven minutes (100MBit/Downstream).

Our images are perfectly edited down to the smallest detail. Each image is in high resolution and thus lends itself perfectly to the foreground of your scene, amongst other settings.

Upon purchase, you acquire a license for usage on a single computer in accordance with our Terms and Conditions (link to the T&C). You can use the images anywhere in your architectural visualizations.

Monthly Free Picture
Each month we provide our registered users a free new image, in your user account, to download.

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Along with the monthly free image, you will also find all of your purchases to download here. The download option is available continually throughout the product life cycle.

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